Inspiring Stories

The girl who beat the odds and won a scholarship to study in Germany


“SNOWFALL”, this word gives many people goose bumps and why not, it’s one of the most fascinating gifts of nature. The sheer beauty of the first snow is beyond description; the way those snowflakes drift down in slo-mo and create some captivating work of art, covering the imperfections of our planet and making it look flawless. Be it going out and building a snowman, or standing next to your window and looking at the beautiful white carpet in your lawn, snowfall is just phenomenal in every single way you want to experience it.

It was that day of the winter, which had the snow forecast; I just got excited like a child and couldn’t wait for it. When the magic finally happened, I went out to experience it and a smile appeared not only on my face, but also in my heart. On that wonderful day, listening to the inspiring story of a girl who has passion for science and who took a stand against the boundaries set for women by her surroundings was the icing on the cake. Before we jump into the deep water and get to know the hurdles of this girl’s academic journey and how she beat the odds to win a scholarship to study abroad in Germany, Continue Reading…

Admission Application

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) – How to request and write a draft

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If you’ve done your homework for an admission application, by now you might have found out that generally you need a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) or sometimes up to three letters. Depending upon what kind of program you’re applying for, you might be asked to submit three academic recommendations, or sometimes, two from your professors or instructors, and, one from your previous employer or internship supervisor. Even if it’s not a prerequisite, it’s highly recommended to submit a letter of recommendation with your admission application. LOR plays an important role in your admission application, that’s why you might want to learn the art of getting an extraordinary letter.

Sometimes, a letter of recommendation might be referred to as a reference letter. Although a reference letter could be more general and a recommendation letter, on the other hand, could be more personal and detailed because the person writing it is actually recommending you for the position you’re applying for instead of just presenting a reference. Continue Reading…